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Lee's Summit DUI Attorneys


You were pulled over for a traffic stop by the police and ended up getting arrested for a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) or a DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs).


What are the consequences and what do you do to get this resolved? You can't sit back and let your driver license get suspended. You are going to need to be able to drive your car for work or for your family! The consequences for DUI’s can be very severe especially if you have more than one offense.

Who should I call for dui/dwi related offenses? Which experienced DWI Attorney - DWI Lawyer will fight vigilantly for you in order for you to keep your driving privileges and keep your drivers license from being revoked or suspended? Which DWI Attorney - DWI Lawyer will give you and your legal case the personal attention it requires and deserves? 

When you are in need of the best DUI Defense Attorneys or DWI Defense Lawyers for your traffic case, you need to call:

Altieri Gilmore LLP
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Altieri Gilmore, LLP is a Lee’s Summit Mo based law firm that specilises in DUI/DWI Cases and has a tremendous amount of experience successfully working for clients with these offenses.

 - DUI Defense Lawyer - DUI Defense Attorney, The Altieri Gilmore Law firm practices in the State of Missouri, and in the areas of  Jackson County, Kansas City, Mo, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Grandview, Independence, Grain Valley, Belton, Raymore, Lone Jack, Greenwood, Harrisonville, Warrensburg, Oak Grove, Odessa and all other cities in the KC metro area.



Questions & Answers about DWI in Missouri



What happens after the arrest for Dui/DWI Arrest?

In Missouri there are two different actions that can result from a DUI arrest: a criminal arrest case and an administrative arrest case. The criminal arrest case exposes you to a conviction, a fine and possible jail time. The administrative case involves suspension of your driver's license. There are set time limits to challenge your license suspension case. And waiting too long to fight the case and these charges could affect the ability to protect your rights and driving privileges.



What Will Now Happen to My Drivers License?

A license revocation can be probability if you blow above the .08% legal limit, or if you refuse to blow (chemical testing), or if you have been convicted of DUI in the criminal court proceeding.



If My Drivers License Is Suspended, How Long Will It Be Until I Get It back?

Our main goal as your lawyer will be to save your driving privileges and get your license reinstated. First time DUI/DWI offenders will face losing their license and driving privileges, serving a one-year license revocation for refusing the Breathalyzer test, and a 90 day license suspension if you blow over the legal limit. You may get restricted Driving Privileges after 30 days has past in a Breathalyzer case, and 90 days in a refusing to blow case. If you have prior alcohol related driving offenses or past suspensions on record in Missouri, this could affect these suspension time frames.



What Are The Missouri Drivers License Reinstatement Requirements?

After serving the required license suspension period, the Missouri Department of Revenue requires the following for drivers license reinstatement:

1. A $45.00 license reinstatement fee

2. An SR-22 vehicle insurance filing

3. Proof of completing the Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP)

Note: If your drivers license has expired at the time of the suspension period, you will be required retake and pass all drivers licensing examinations.



Do I Have to Take a Blood Level Alcohol Content Test When A Police Officer Ask Me To?

Although there are certain legal advantages that exist in court proceedings when you refuse to blow (chemical testing), Missouri state law requires that you submit to chemical testing when  a police officer requests that you take a test. If you refuse to take the chemical test it will result in an automatic one-year revocation of your drivers license. If you refuse to blow, the police officer will take your drivers license from you and issue you a temporary 15 day driving permit. If the Missouri court system upholds the refusal to blow revocation, you will be required to serve out the one-year refusal to blow drivers license revocation and then you will be required by law to meet the terms for the license reinstatement, referenced in the above paragraph. As your Missouri DUI attorney, it is my main goal to save your drivers license from becoming revoked.



What Is BAC?

BAC (blood alcohol content) is a measurement of alcohol in the blood stream and can be measured by testing your blood, by Breathalyzer, testing urine, or a saliva test. Your weight, gender, type of food intake, your alcohol consumption rate and other factors can affect the absorption of alcohol into your blood stream.

Measuring this is a science and the machines involved that determine your BAC level must meet DOH criteria. If you fail to meet this criteria the BAC result could possibly be thrown out in relation to your case. For this reason a complete and thorough examination of Breathalyzer maintenance, all of its records, current operator certifications and the machine certifications are also an important part of DUI representation. Although many Missouri DUI attorneys will not examine this important material, I assure you that Altieri Gilmore LLP Attorneys will review all of these items in your defense.



Did You Know These Aspects of DUI Case Defense?

•         Having diabetes, and using dentures, and some forms of weight loss or dieting can contaminate a Breathalyzer sample.

•         Taking certain allergy medications have been known to cause contamination in a breath sample.

•         Running a high fever can contaminate a Breathalyzer sample.

•         In the state of Missouri, the arresting police officer has to observe you for a total of 15 minutes before you can submit a Breathalyzer sample to assure that there is no oral intake of any kind.


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